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Grupa Jamatel 5 Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Since these days you can access everything on your phone, why not have everything phone-related in one place – shop, service centre and a purchase point?

Can it be done? In Wroclaw, we proved that it can!

Our showroom in Dluga St., Kaufland Gallery, is a proof that you can create a modern place for all the smartphone users. Our service centre is a place where the customers can have some coffee, connect to the internet and, for a change, read a printed newspaper, while waiting for the diagnostics or repair of their phone to finish.

  • We know the GSM industry in and out, and the industry knows us. We have 20 years of experience, which make us a trusted and proven business partner for the mobile device manufacturers. We know what we sell, what we repair and how to take care of the devices.
  • We learn from the best and directly at sources, which means our service technicians up to date with the new repair methods and techniques, for even the latest smartphone models.
  • We do not have to – we love keeping abreast of all the news and new products that appear on the market!
  • Our service centre is equipped with state-of-the-art, certified diagnostic equipment, thanks to which the evaluations and repairs are performed quickly and with no mistakes.
  • Our customer service system never freezes! We value the time of our customers and complete 90% of the repairs on the spot or overnight.
  • We always have all the parts necessary for the repair in stock, so we perform all of them as we go.


Our standards – a new quality in the showroom customer service


We only employ professional service technicians with many years of experience.


We provide a warranty for all our services and repairs.


We have the know-how and considerable servicing facilities.


Thanks to our business partners, we keep a moderate price policy.


Our regulars can count on individual prices and extra discounts.


We frankly and openly advise when to have your phone repaired or replaced.

Checks us out – call us and ask how long it will take us to repair your phone.


Every store in Wroclaw should have such stock

Huawei and many other leading smartphone manufacturers: Samsung, Apple, HTC plus a complete assortment of accessories dedicated to individual brands, as well as universal paraphernalia of proven quality.

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