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Our knowledge, resources and know-how extend to other popular smartphone brands, which we successfully repair.

90% repairs on the spot or within 24h!

Warranty and paid repairs – we usually complete them on the spot or no later than overnight.
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The most common defects we fix as part of the warranty and post-warranty service:

  • Water damage repair (one of the most common issues, although most customers do not believe a water-damaged phone can be rescued),
  • moisture damage phone repair (apparently, you just need to leave the phone on the sill with the window open…),
  • display replacement (“Wroclaw and its streets are hard-paved – that’s what the customers usually say after they drop their phones),
  • unresponsive touch screen replacement (we determine the exact cause when diagnosing the phone),
  • replacement and repair of anything that can be damaged, destroyed or defective, including: microphones and speakers, buzzers, vibrating components, system connectors, ribbons and filters, systems and BGS processing units.

These are the most common, but not the only causes of malfunctioning phones. Thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can identify every cause of the malfunction and, in a professional and partner-like manner, advise whether you should invest in new components for a post-warranty repair, or rather get a new phone from our showroom – at an optimal, individual price.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs – always at the highest level!


Spot-on means fast and accurate diagnostics for every conceivable defect.


For paid repairs, we confirm retention of warranty rights at our service centre.


We guarantee original parts for every phone model we repair.


We make sure we are fully stocked with the components, ensuring quick repairs without any issues.


We offer much lower prices than non-authorized phone service centres in Wroclaw.

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This is how every phone service centre in Wroclaw should operate

From screen replacement to reanimating water-damaged phones. From mechanical damages to manufacturing defects or software errors. From repairing the latest models to restoring life to older variants of popular smartphones.

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